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How this project Started

This project started at CODE University for one Module called "Navigation Design". I went through the full process: From card sorting, over a simple Navigation Flow Chart/Breadboard, a scribbled paper prototype all the way to a mid-fidelity click-dummy. Since the focus was on navigation design, I decided to mainly use the Apple UI Kit and colours of the existing Apple Alarm app. See this Page to read the full process:

Navigation Design process for Fitup

After the module was completed I wanted to set up an easy landing page and test out a new way to use (this tool) to host the website. I added a few missing elements to the click dummy App-Interface and created the website images in Figma. The result is

Fitup - The Alarm App that finally gets you out of bed.

FitUp is an App that helps you to wake up in the morning. Out of my own own experience, all the other approaches like scanning QR codes or solving math problems did not really wake me up. I could scan five codes and still go to bed again. Sounds familiar?

To make sure that you wake up in the morning, you have to do a workout after you wake up and track it with your Apple Watch. If you fail to wake up, you have to donate money to your favourite organisation.

Have a look at this website: 👉

App Walkthrough

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