Wooden Space-Saving Chair.

When not in use, it is a square, but if needed it can transform into maximum 4 chairs.

The problem was this: My apartment is very small and I wanted to be able to host more people. I first designed a floor-table and came up with a pillow concept, sitting on the floor when inviting people. This scenario completely ignored the table I already had. I pivoted this idea, because the table took too much space. I thought why not make use of it instead? The solution was simply more chairs around the table. I came up with this space-saving chair. When not in use it is a simple cube, when in use, it can transform into up to 4 chairs. This allows me now to host up to 6-8 people comfortably. A big shoutout to @ze_licia who helped me build this chair and finalise the concept. Building it was quite simple and possible with very basic tools like a drill. The wooden peace’s where cut in the store. In total this piece cost about 70€ for material, for the diy people out there ;)

Unfolding Process:

Building Process: