Hello my name is Simon. I created this tool, because I personally struggled and still struggle to find vegan alternatives to meat and dairy product on my way to a mainly plant based diet.

I believe if we can make it easy for everyone to search and find vegan alternatives quickly , we can help more people successfully transition towards a plant based diet. This tool should become your best vegan friend (in case you don’t have one), who can recommend alternatives to you easily.

In the future this could become a database not just for direct vegan alternatives food products, but a collection of recipes, vegan products in general, and in the long run even other alternatives to plastic free products.

<aside> ☝ Disclaimer: All the Information is crowd-sourced by me personally and other people like you. We cannot guarantee that all information like price or availability is correct or up to date. If you notice incorrect information please reach out to me and I will change it.


If you want to say hi, or contribute with multiple products please get in touch here. I would love to hear from you.

Have a splendid day and keep rocking 🎤 🥳